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How we work

Crowned for Purpose Organization has two programs that  were developed in a direct response to the growing number of women and youth that are falling through the cracks of the court systems, schools, and community.  The goal of the programs are to identify women and youth who are experiencing turbulent life transitions. These programs offer positive mentoring, life changing classes and workshops, job readiness, secondary language, tutoring, and college preparation to avoid the pitfalls that can derail their lives. The focus is different for each individual, but the goal remains the same which is to empower, equip and build each individual.

Crowned for Purpose creates an environment that will be an invaluable resource to youth and women through the following two programs; “Krown Her” and “I am Royalty”.  Crown for Purpose offers community involvement events through “Serving with Purpose” 



Krown Her


Krown Her is a “safe haven” program for women to grow spiritual and intentional.  This program was created with the everyday woman in mind.  “Krown Her” focuses on bringing women back to total restoration from the inside out. “Krown Her” goal is to help women understand their purpose, eliminate self-doubt and destructive thought patterns.  Through this program women will be empowered to take the initiative to shift their thinking to help eliminate self-destructive beliefs that hinder women from achieving their goals. “Krown Her” not only provides empowerment classes, but encompasses the entire individual by providing a positive social support group. It doesn’t matter what obstacles and life challenges that she faces, she is always worthy of her Krown. Pick up her Krown and Krown Her. 

Proverbs 31:10



Worth the Wait

·     Understanding your worth

·     Understanding the wait 

·     Celibacy

Adjust my Krown

·     Forgiveness

·     Eliminating Fear

·     Walking in Purpose 

·     Losing to Win again

Securing my Krown

·     Financial Literacy

·     Budgeting/Credit

·     Home Ownership/Lending

·     Secondary Language

·     Job Readiness

·     Resume Building



I am Royalty


“I am Royalty” program is designed for both male and female to empower, equip, and build the next generation of leaders to recognize their worth and the power of their potential.  I am Royalty focuses on developing life-long leadership and life skills.

The leadership program consists of  a series of one to two-hour workshops, activities, guest speakers and more.  Workshops are held weekly on Saturdays. 



Worth the Wait

·     Understanding your worth

·     Understanding the wait 

·     Sexual Avoidance Education

I’m Royalty

·     Mentorship (12 months)

·     Self Development/Leadership

·     Conflict Resolution

·     Interpersonal Skills

Securing my Krown 

·     Financial Literacy

·     Budgeting/Credit

·     Tutoring

·     College Preparatory

·     Secondary Language

·     Job Readiness

·     Resume Building


What I am Royalty provides:

  • Provides varied hands on and experiential activities;

  • Provides opportunities for youth to succeed and to take on various roles in the program;

  • Encourages youth involvement in developing and implementing program activities;

  • Establishes high expectations for youth, and allow them to experience the consequences of their choices and decisions;

  • Involves family members when possible; and

  • Provides the opportunity to interact with a mentor or role model.

AGES 8-12

  • Understanding of growth and development as both an objective and a personal indicator of physical and emotional maturation

  • Knowledge and practice of good nutrition and hygiene

  • Ability to identify situations of safety and make safe choices on a daily basis

  • Ability to assess situations and environments independently

  • Capacity to identify and avoid risky conditions and activities

  • Ability to learn from adverse situations and avoid them in the future

  • Confidence and sense of self-worth in relation to their own physical and mental status

AGES 13-18

  • Ability to articulate personal values

  • Awareness of how personal actions impact the larger communities

  • Ability to engage in the community in a positive manner

  • Respect and caring for oneself and others

  • Sense of responsibility to self and others

  • Integrity

  • Awareness of cultural differences among peers and the larger community

  • High expectations for self and community

  • Sense of purpose in goals and activities

  • Ability to follow the lead of others when appropriate

1 Peter 2:9



Serving with Purpose:

Get Involved

   Serving with Purpose: No one cares more about a community than the people who its composed of and Crowned for Purpose hope to bring a little more love and light to the lives of those who need it most.  From Abuse, homelessness to mental health to entrepreneurship, we hope to make a lasting impact in the community for all by providing a leg up.


“  Make a local impact.”



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